The proposal was unveiled by House Republicans on Monday night. Under the deal, there would be an increase in military and domestic spending, and the federal borrowing limit would also rise over the next two years.

Listen to The Al Sharpton Radio Show live Weekdays from 1pm to 4pm ET and call in at 1-877-532-5797, and CHECK for local listings. From the Los Angeles Times blog: President Obama called on a higher power to help him understand what happened — or rather, didn’t happen — as the congressional super committee announced […]

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration wants agencies to propose ways of cutting spending by 10 percent or more in the 2013 budget year. In a letter released Thursday, White House budget chief Jacob Lew told agency heads to submit financial blueprints with spending at least 5 percent below this year’s levels. He also asked them […]

If there’s one mantra that’s always recited by politicians it’s “The American people want this,” and “The American people want that.” But based on the congressional gridlock surrounding the country’s deficit, it’s clear Republicans and Democrats are oblivious to what the American people really want, or need for that matter. Republicans and Tea Party members […]

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama said he will veto conservative Republicans’ “Cut, Cap and Balance” fiscal plan if it makes it to his desk. A statement from the White House rejected the plan, which conditions a debt limit hike on a constitutional amendment that would require the government to balance its books each year. The […]

Washington — House Republicans have passed a partisan budget blueprint that if enacted into law would decrease federal spending by $5.8 trillion over the next decade. New Budget Cuts Will Affect Poorest The Most The bill would reshape medicare, an issue that will force a clash with Democrats who are intent on preventing cuts to […]