Chicago Police officer Jason Van Dyke and his fellow officers painted a different narrative of the evening Laquan McDonald was fatally shot, according to the official police report, released Friday evening.

Images surfaced of Chicago police officers viewing Burger King footage, which reportedly shows the moments before Laquan McDonald's death.

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It’s WTH?! Thursday on NewsOne Now, and we’re breaking down all of the insane stories trending in this week’s news. Radio personality Tony Redz, comedian Lamont King, and NewsOne Now panelists Avis Jones-DeWeever, head of the Exceptional Leadership Institute for Women, and Laura Coates, Civil Rights Attorney at the Department of Justice, join Roland Martin for […]


A 302-pound South Carolina man has been cuffed and charged with with disorderly conduct for allegedly striking a Burger King worker over the head with a food tray during a dispute over cold onion rings, The Smoking Gun reports. Kristopher Wiggins, 32, was taken into custody last week in connection to the incident that took […]

While I have joked plenty of times about how it won’t be long before Facebook is telling my blood type and preferred brand of hot sauce (Louisiana, if you were curious),  there’s something to be said about knowing what you’re signing up for. RELATED: Chick Fil-A: We’re Anti-Gay Marriage That’s something I quickly learned years ago […]

Mary. J. Blige referred to her infamous Burger King commercial as “buffoonery”  during an interview with Hot 97 in New York, reports Want to Keep Up With LIKE Us On Facebook! “I want to apologize to everyone who was offended or thought that I would do something so disrespectful to our culture,” said […]


Christopher Peña, was fired from his manager position at Burger King after revealing his HIV status and is now filing suit in the state of Virginia, reports the Huffington Post. For seven years, Peña was employed at various Burger King restaurants, but three months after he disclosed his HIV status to a supervisor, he was fired. […]

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I like chicken. Let’s start the conversation right there. There is no shame Black people enjoying chicken and being proud of it. If eating chicken were a crime, I’d be gladly serving 14 life sentences with no chance for parole. SEE ALSO: California Court Upholds Affirmative Action Ban, Again! Mary J. Blige also seems to […]

Guess everybody can’t take a joke. The Huffington Post reports that 32-year-old Shawn Porter and his friend asked a cashier for a “blunt and some herbs” at the drive-thru of Deltona Burger King in Florida last week. Supposedly, he was joking. The person taking his order, on the other hand, didn’t find it funny. SEE […]

ERIE, Pa. — A federal judge says a Black trucker’s lawsuit against a Burger King franchise in northwestern Pennsylvania should be heard by a jury and not dismissed as the restaurant’s attorneys requested. RELATED: White Burger King Employee Accused Of Spitting In Black Man’s Food Glenn Goodwin, from Cleveland, Ohio, filed the civil rights lawsuit […]

ERIE, Pa. — A black Ohio man claims in a federal discrimination lawsuit that a northwestern Pennsylvania Burger King worker spat on his food while another worker tried to obscure the man’s view of the incident.