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12 years after Carmen Day told Judge Charles Dortch she would become a lawyer if he reduced her probation sentence, she kept her word.


There is a reason President Barack Obama picked Camden, New Jersey as the city to announce a bold police initiative on Monday in an effort to address ongoing problems with policing in minority and poor communities. The once bustling industrial hub for shipping and consumer goods is now a ghost of its former self like […]


The New York Times ran a story Sunday about some pretty remarkable changes to policing in Camden, New Jersey. The changes, led by community efforts and new policies, have arguably lowered the homicide rate and, perhaps, even helped to connect the community to the officers sworn to serve and protect it. Check it out: In the summer […]


Young people have always been leaders of change within the movement.  Despite being thought of as the unengaged generation, there are millennials who are changing that perception as they attempt to change laws and policies.  Last year after the verdict in the George Zimmerman murder trial, a group of Florida students called The Dream Defenders […]

Camden, New Jersey– The Camden police force was cut in half last month in a cost cutting move and the residents have felt the effects of it ever since. RELATED: Greatest Blaxploitation soundtracks of all time Camden residents find themselves calling 911 to no avail. Robberies, home invasions and car break-in’s go on without a […]

New Jersey — Camden, New Jersey, America’s 2nd most violent city, has layed off half of its police force according to the Huffington Post: New Jersey’s most violent city approved layoffs for half its police force on Thursday. The Camden City Council unanimously voted to layoff a quarter of the city’s government workers, including half […]