After being widely mocked for her failed anti-vax interview with Trump, Candace Owens deflected ensuing criticism by fat-shaming Megan McCain for being pro-vaccine and calling her "clinically obese."

Kyrie Irving isn’t vaccinated, and the choice has left his teammates without a point guard. Now, everyone except for Kyrie Irving has something to say about Kyrie Irving – especially the right-wing anti-vaxxers.

Trump may have lost the election, but he's gained a loyal legion of notable Black supporters who will seemingly do anything to prove their loyalty to the man they worship blindly. These "Blacks For Trump" are unwavering in their support of all things MAGA.

Candace Owens somehow concluded that "extremely overweight" people supporting the COVID-19 vaccine didn't have any "self-awareness" and suggested because they're not skinny they don't have "authority" to encourage people to get vaccinated. Yes, really.

Right-wing extremists like Tucker Carlson and Candace Owens embracing rapper Nicki Minaj and her COVID-19 vaccine conspiracy theories are the conservative plot twist that no one saw coming this year.

Candace Owens, the "Blexit" queen of tap dancing for white conservatives, is apparently really upset that a private laboratory has refused to test her for COVID-19 because she's a COVID-denying conspiracy theorist.

The report that Candace Owens had a "sudden illness" that prevented her from attending an event drew attention to the growing number of her fellow anti-vaxxers who are dying from COVID-19 after they downplayed the virus and vaccine.

Candace Owens readily co-signed the Taliban's criticism of America, confirming she will do and say just about anything to try to prove a larger pro-Republican point that doesn't even exist. This time it was about "Big Tech" and freedom of speech.

In today's installment of hustling backwards, Candace Owens is pushing a conspiracy theory that Democrats are trying "to import" migrants to make "the black vote irrelevant." And she wants an apology from "Black America," too.

Candace Owens recently reneged on an agreement to appear at an event on Juneteenth for a Republican group and instead attended a birthday party for the wife of a country music singer Jason Aldean who once wore blackface for Halloween.

Candace Owens dug deep into her shallow Black white supremacist bag when she led the chorus of conservatives complaining that Juneteenth is now an official federal holiday in the United States of America.