A new poll shows that Joe Biden has historic support among Black voters in spite -- or because -- of Candace Owens' ridiculous Blexit movement encouraging Black people to abandon the Democratic Party.

Lest we forget that it wasn't too long ago when Candace Owens was heaping her own praise on Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

Candace Owens says she plans to raise money for the cop who was fired for shooting Rayshard Brooks in the back and killing the 27-year-old father.

Dave Chappelle's surprise comedy performance inspired by the killing of George Floyd took aim at many people, including Candace Owens and her anti-Black platform that exploits Black death.

GoFundMe has shut down Candace Owens' latest attempt to prove she is the Blackest anti-Black person this world has ever seen.

You know it's bad when Candace Owens has managed to offend the very people she's been unsuccessfully trying to galvanize in her efforts to sink even deeper into the sunken place.

Twitter suspended Candace Owens for a tweet that encouraged civil disobedience protesting against Michigan's lockdown, but not when she "inspired" the New Zealand mosque shooter in 2019.

NewsOne compiled a brief list of presents that we think Candace Owens desperately needs on her birthday.

The far-right sunken news pundit goes off on social media.

Candace Owens announced she was "considering" running for public office in what may at first have seemed like a delayed April Fools joke gone extremely bad during a year where there is no shortage of bad news.

Candace Owens parroted Donald Trump when she tried to downplay the threat from the same coronavirus that is responsible for a surging number of deaths and illnesses worldwide.