The death of Rush Limbaugh confirmed there are now three things that are certain in life: death, taxes and the newest addition to the holy trinity of guarantees, Candace Owens' anti-Black hatred.

If anyone thought becoming a mother would prompt Candace Owens to tone down her reckless rhetoric on social media, think again.

Candace Owens, one of the most self-hating African Americans the modern world has ever witnessed, is now the mother of a Black baby boy.


Candace Owens' tweet questioning pop singer Harry Styles' masculinity prompted people to point their Twitter fingers at her husband.

Candace Owens let America know how she really feels about Antifa and so-called "mob rule" when she spoke her truth that didn't match up with her past comments on the same topic.


Candace Owens inexplicably suggested that Lil Wayne's endorsement of Donald Trump lends credence to her decidedly failed so-called "Blexit" campaign to purge Black voters from the Democratic Party.


Kanye West's pledge of allegiance to Candace Owens and her new book about the "Democrat Plantation" is definitely worth taking a knee over.

Republicans practiced addition by deliberately subtracting Candace Owens from the RNC equation as the Republican National Convention ended by snubbing the reviled, anti-Black conspiracy theorist and not allowing her to speak.

Candace Owens is a safe bet when speculating which Black people will speak at the Republican National Convention. But who else will be there? There's a long, sunken list of people to choose from.

A new poll shows that Joe Biden has historic support among Black voters in spite -- or because -- of Candace Owens' ridiculous Blexit movement encouraging Black people to abandon the Democratic Party.

Lest we forget that it wasn't too long ago when Candace Owens was heaping her own praise on Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.


Candace Owens says she plans to raise money for the cop who was fired for shooting Rayshard Brooks in the back and killing the 27-year-old father.