Members of the Congressional Black Caucus are urging Congress to declare a federal holiday honoring the civil rights icon Rosa Parks.

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The Congressional Black Caucus was heralding its new Jobs And Justice Act Of 2020 bill that it says will make vast improvements in the lives of Black families economically and socially.

Democrats are coming after Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp after he used nearly every trick in the Jim Crow voter suppression playbook to get elected.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee was pressured to resign two key positions over after a former intern filed a sexual assault lawsuit.

The Congressional Black Caucus called on the Republican Party to punish Rep. Steve King for his racist statements.

The Congressional Black Caucus' incoming chairwoman is cautious about making impeaching of Trump a priority.

Some Black politicians are reluctantly rallying around Nancy Pelosi's bid to become House speaker.

Black politicians are trying to save the Democratic Party from self-destruction.

President Trump repeatedly showered praise on Black lawmakers, mistaking their congressional caucus for the border patrol agency.

“There’s something unsanitary" about this, one rep said.

Pastor Leon Benjamin criticizes CBC members who didn't applaud the president's State of the Union Speech.