A study was conducted to help parents determine the best age for a kid to have a cell phone.

Men: if you carry your phone in your pants pocket, you may want to stop. According to new research, cellphone exposure may not only affect male fertility, but even sperm viability. In the study, when men had no exposure to cellphones, 50 percent to 85 percent of their sperm had a normal ability to move […]

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Sexting isn’t only for fresh 20-somethings  and frisky politicians. It’s also popular with regular grown folk — even the the 50-plus set — and married people who want to spice up their relationships. On NewsOne Now with Roland Martin, Dr. Rachel Ross explained why it’s good for keeping the fires lit: “If you’re sexting throughout the day it kind of sets the […]

Got a chance to play with the Samsung Infuse for AT&T this week and I have some pretty cool things to say about it. Off the bat, I was smitten with the beauty of the phone. I think I like where Samsung is going with their design direction. The phone is slim and sleek with […]

Just because the radiation emissions of cell phones have been linked to disease, you do not have to give up your chatting habits completely. Here are ten tips that can protect you from cell phone radiation, so that you can stay connected to your favorite people.

The World Health Organization announced Tuesday that cell phones raise the risk of cancer. The announcement, made after a team of international  scientists reviewed various studies on cell phone safety is particularly relevant to the black community as studies have consistently shown blacks to dominate cell phone use. Not to mention, African-Americans suffer the highest […]

By Courtenay Escoffery The wonderful people over at  Womworld.com sent us a unit and below are my thoughts. The N8 is definitely a powerful device, and I was quite curious about what my experience with it would be like. So let’s get to it! Hardware: It’s a solid piece of hardware – that’s for sure. […]

The study found that African-Americans and Latinos continue to be more likely to own cellphones than whites and more likely to use their phones for a greater range of activities.

From the Washington Post: The earthquake that devastated Haiti also destroyed the nation’s feeble network for phones and Internet service. Except for cellphones, the population was largely cut off from communication. But out of the rubble, one U.S. wireless industry pioneer sees opportunity. Text continues after gallery… John Stanton, founder of Voice Stream and former […]