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Sexting isn’t only for fresh 20-somethings  and frisky politicians. It’s also popular with regular grown folk — even the the 50-plus set — and married people who want to spice up their relationships.

On NewsOne Now with Roland MartinDr. Rachel Ross explained why it’s good for keeping the fires lit: “If you’re sexting throughout the day it kind of sets the tone for what’s next.”

However, she said, texting sexy photos does come with risks. Even if you think you have forever-forever-ever kind of love, relationships do end. What was once a sexy secret can become a public embarrassment in the wrong hands “You cannot go around sexting full body shots of yourself,” Dr. Ross advised. “I always say, kind of go from the neck down when you’re sexting,” she said.

Listen to the rest of her tips in the clip below.

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