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Podcast: Download An Ohio grand jury has decided not to indict the police officers who killed John Crawford after an inflammatory 911 call claimed Crawford was loading and waiving a gun in a Walmart store. On Thursday, Roland Martin, If-e Ike, Paul Butler, Glenn Ivey, James Hayes and Kim Keenan discussed the case, Ohio  Attorney General Mike DeWine not aggressively prosecuting the case and […]

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Voiceover actress Kittie Kaboom and talk show host Eddie Kayne, joined Roland Martin on “NewsOne Now” for WTH?! Thursday. This week’s insane list of stories includes a woman who allegedly had a third breast surgically implanted on to her chest and KTVA Alaska reporter, Charlo Greene dropping an F-Bomb on live television.  Greene then quit her job, saying she […]


KTVA-TV Anchorage reporter Charlo Greene’s dramatic exit from her job during a live telecast has gone viral and the internet sensation is seizing the moment to raise awareness about marijuana prohibition in Alaska. RELATED: Say What? Alaskan Reporter Hurls F-Bomb On Live TV Then Quits Over Marijuana Vote As previously reported by NewsOne, Greene revealed that she […]

Station KTVA-TV Anchorage reporter Charlo Greene (pictured) was on live television Sunday night when she began to report on the state’s upcoming marijuana vote and the Alaska Cannabis Club, a medical marijuana dispensary. After the reporter mentioned the club, she revealed to the viewers that she was also its owner, hurled out an expletive, then quit on the […]