Chicago police arrested nine people during a protest in the Dirksen Federal Building downtown Thursday, including Kina Collins, a Chicago-based organizer and candidate for Illinois’ 7th Congressional District.

Micheal Williams was just trying to help a neighbor in need when his life was completely upended by a horrific incident and some shady police technology used to detect the sound and location of gunshots.

Citing a breakdown in communication within her office, Foxx took responsibility over a month after a Chicago police officer killed the teen in March.

Leroy Kennedy IV is suing the Chicago Police Department for the brutal violence officers used against the innocent man as shown on newly released bodycam video.

Anjanette Young cancelled a scheduled meeting with Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, city aldermen, and Chicago Police officials over her mistreatment during a Feb. 2019 incident.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced on Monday that 12 cops involved in the case have been "taken off the street," following the resignation of Chicago's top attorney.

Anjanette Young plans to donate the proceeds from her GoFundMe to social justice efforts through her church.

The City Council Progressive Caucus and the Chicago Aldermanic Black Caucus are urging for a probe and hearings examining the Feb. 2019 incident.

Bodycam footage finally released after nearly two years shows police in Chicago terrorizing an innocent Black woman who was naked in her home when cops executed a baseless search warrant that was granted under shady circumstances.

The Chicago police is notoriously corrupt.

The mayor of Chicago faces major criticism in videos spread across social media.


Another instance where it seems the race of the cop didn't prevent them from using excessive force.