We aren't thinking about Christmas just yet, but Oprah's annual list of her "favorite things" will have you creating a wishlist before Thanksgiving dinner.


Renown astrophysicist  Neil de Grasse Tyson (pictured) poked a little fun at Christmas yesterday raising both ire and admiration, reports the NY Daily News. Quite a few folks were none too pleased about the tweets, with one tweeting “Hi @neiltyson, trolling Christians on Dec 25 is so EDGY. Please let me know when you troll Muslims on […]

As if the protests and their fallout weren’t enough, some St. Louis area residents claim to have stumbled upon notes that were scrawled with racially biased holiday-themed messages, according to the Riverfront Times. Rosemary Nietes, who was raised in Ferguson–the hot bed where black teen Michael Brown was gunned down by police officer Darren Wilson last summer–told […]

  The body of a 4-year-old autistic boy, who was reported missing on December 24, after visiting his family in Little River, South Carolina, for the holidays, has been found dead. The child, Jayden Morrison (pictured) was discovered in a retention pond not far from his grandmother’s house, where he wandered off.  According to Horry County police, the boy […]

Christmas came early for  Memphis Grizzlies intern Brandon Henderson (pictured in yellow),whose car was stolen right before Thanksgiving. Now, Henderson will reportedly have a very Merry Christmas due to the generosity of NBA superstar Vince Carter (pictured) and his other teammates, who opened up their wallets to spring for a new car for the young employee. […]

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Roland Martin’s “Roland’s Rules” Disclaimer: The people and situations Roland Martin makes light of aren’t directed at anyone, any group, any nationality, in particular. Got it? If you can’t take a joke, it ain’t Roland Martin’s problem. #RolandsRules are meant to be humorous and satirical. Comedians Nikki Moore, Tony Woods, Roz Washington and Roland Martin broke down their […]

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Comedians Niki Moore, Tony Woods, Roz Washington and “NewsOne Now” host Roland Martin joke about people stressing out over last minute holiday shopping and if you really need a Christmas tree to celebrate the holiday. Martin told the “NewsOne Now” comedians panel, “If you get to the 23rd … and you don’t have a tree, […]

A bumbling pair of alleged robbers tried to get away with Yuletide shenanigans at their local Walmart in Lake Wales, Florida. Suspect Genard Dupree, 27, faked a heart attack, so that his accomplice Tarus Scott, 30, could exit the store with a shopping cart full of toys valued at $369. The entire comedy of errors was caught […]

Yahnick Martin (pictured) got sweet reparation from the New York City Police Department after they  mistakenly slapped him with cuffs, hauled him off to jail, and had him leave his gift-filled van unattended and running on a Brooklyn street back in 2011. Now the city Law Department is reportedly forking over $50,000 to settle a federal lawsuit he filed […]

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Podcast: Download Does a celebrity/athlete wearing a t-shirt to show solidarity with people in a movement make a difference or would it be better for them to donate funds to support the movement? NewsOne Now guest host, Mo Ivory takes your calls during the radio portion of “NewsOne Now.” The Department of Justice has announced […]

Deandra Cooke (pictured left), 18; Lacinda Granado-Overton (pictured center), 25; and Tarica Wright (pictured right), 26, were charged with felony theft by the Aledo, Illinois police department after allegedly stealing toys out of a donation box that had been earmarked for needy children, according to WQAD 8. SEE ALSO: Powerlifting Granny Puts Us All To Shame The theft […]

Fresh off of their engagement announcement Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade shot a behind the scenes video of their Christmas photo shoot featuring the hot…