Attorney General Merrick Garland clarifies the U.S. approach to violent white nationalists and far-right extremists, promising to protect civil liberties and civil rights in the process.

HELP US – WE’RE DYING! And while you’re at it, we also need to hear from you about all the ways you’re working around the clock to keep more innocent people from being killed in Chicago. Seven killed, 23 hurt over the last weekend? Eleven more shot on Monday? These are headlines we expect out of […]

WHAT THE HELL IS ‘HOOD DISEASE’? Here’s what isn’t helpful when it comes to diagnosing a very serious health concern in the Black community: calling out its name, therefore minimizing its impact and disrespecting its victims. That’s just what researchers at Harvard did last week after the Centers for Disease Control released a report indicating […]

Tiawanda Moore (pictured) has filed a suit against the city of Chicago, after she was arrested for secretly recording a police officer asking her not to file a charge against his co-worker for touching her inappropriately. SEE ALSO: White Students Yell N-Word While Beating Asian Student Moore, 21, called in to report an officer who’d […]