For those who aren't Civil War history buffs and are unfamiliar with Davis, he was the president of the Confederate States of America who said that Black people are “fitted expressly for servitude.”

Conservatives can't be honest about what the Civil War was.

Nikki Haley's non-answer about what started the Civil War upheld a partisan tradition.

In 1877 the Black town of Nicodemus was born. Reverend W. H. Smith and other freed slaves recruited more than 300 ex-slaves to Nicodemus to start a new life.

A South Carolina GOP gubernatorial candidate won't apologize for comments denying the central role of slavery for the Civil War.

Sen. Tim Scott joins others in criticizing John Kelly for his Civil War "compromise" remarks on Fox News.


White House chief of staff John Kelly chalked up the origin of the American Civil War to a "lack of an ability to compromise" and ignored slavery in racist remarks Monday.

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Donald Trump's remarks about the Civil War are the latest example of a longstanding problem.

“Lynching in America: Confronting the Legacy of Racial Terror” unflinchingly explores America’s brutal history of lynching and provides a powerful history lesson, using individual stories that show, despite “emancipation,” thousands of African Americans were brutally murdered in this country in the name of the White supremacist status quo.

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Mississippi is the only state in the United States that continues to fly a Confederate emblem on its flag and the fight to bring it down has reached the nation's capital.

Jonna Ivin, Founder of STIR Journal, explains why poor White voters are chanting 'Trump, Trump Trump' in a new article.

After disagreeing on a $5.3 million commission for the flag and repairs for the museum, a $3.6 million budget was considered.