New Orleans high school student Dennis Barnes set a new world record by receiving more than $9 million in college scholarships!


With all of the negative publicity concerning Black youth in Chicago, it's important to take note of positive stories and this one is truly unique: The Huffington Post reports that Chicago twins, Deprice and Shaprice Hunt, were accepted into a combined 56 colleges and have earned about $1.6 million in scholarships.

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According to The Condition of STEM 2013 Report, “The academic achievement gap that exists in general for ethnically diverse students is even more pronounced among those interested in the STEM fields.” In 2013, 24 percent of African American students passed the math section of the ACT while only 18 percent of African American students passed the […]

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For nearly 40 years, University of Phoenix (UOPX) has been helping working adults attain their education and career goals. To continue this support, we are providing 40 new full-tuition scholarships for those who are chasing dreams bigger than themselves. This new scholarship program is another step toward meeting the needs of our communities through greater involvement […]

PHILADELPHIA – In the minutes before giving his first commencement speech, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick professed to be more nervous than before a football game. He had nothing to worry about. A lovingly raucous crowd of several hundred cheered Vick throughout his remarks Friday to graduates of the alternative Camelot high schools at the […]