The Black boy, 14, was killed by a store owner in South Carolina. 

Police went above and beyond to ensure the safety of an army sergeant who was caught on video harassing a young Black man in South Carolina for simply walking in his own neighborhood.

Good News

Trayvon Martin’s mother Sybrina Fulton was awarded with an honorary doctorate degree for her social advocacy efforts.

A S.C. drama teacher coaches kids on how to find their voice on social issues. The students have chosen to tackle child hunger and bullying so far.

The captain posted on Facebook after protesters in South Carolina blocked a roadway off of I-26 for over one hour during a march in honor of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, two men fatally shot by police last week.

The South Carolina deputy who addressed reporters Tuesday afternoon doesn't believe resource officer Ben Fields is racist because of his romantic relationship with a Black woman.

The incident at Spring Valley Student High School in Columbia, S.C. has become one of the most polarizing topics in the nation. While the general consensus is that Richland County Sheriff’s Deputy Ben Fields used excessive force against a Black female student, there was a statement made by his superior that the officer was struck first. […]

Soon after the video was uploaded and gained national attention, Fields was placed on administrative leave. On Tuesday afternoon, Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott announced that Fields was suspended without pay.

What has been revealed is that Ben Fields has been sued twice in federal court, with a one case going to jury trial at the top of next year.

Video footage of a South Carolina police officer picking up, throwing, and dragging a student while inside a classroom surfaced online Monday afternoon.