Is it possible that brain damage from Freeda Foreman’s boxing career led to Foreman taking her own life?

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy was present in nearly all cases, from high school to professional players.

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Enrollment in Pop Warner football, the country’s biggest youth football program, has fallen. The league has lost more than 23,000 players since 2010. One factor in the downturn has been concern by parents about children getting concussions — mirroring a growing concern in the NFL. Pop Warner allows children who are as young as five, to play […]

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Could all the recent talk about the risk of head concussions in football spell trouble for the sport? Former NFL player Wayne Gandy spoke with Roland Martin on NewsOne Now about that possibility. Gandy, who retired from the NFL in 2009 after 15 seasons as an offensive tackle for the Rams, Steelers, Saints and the Falcons, is concerned that the media are […]

The helmet-to-helmet shot knocked Tony Dorsett out cold in the second quarter of a 1984 Cowboys-Eagles game, the hardest hit he ever took during his Hall of Fame NFL career. “It was like a freight train hitting a Volkswagen,” Dorsett says now. “Did they know it was a concussion?” he asks rhetorically during an interview […]