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Could all the recent talk about the risk of head concussions in football spell trouble for the sport? Former NFL player Wayne Gandy spoke with Roland Martin on NewsOne Now about that possibility.

Gandy, who retired from the NFL in 2009 after 15 seasons as an offensive tackle for the Rams, Steelers, Saints and the Falcons, is concerned that the media are sensationalizing the risk of concussions. “Every hit, they make it sound like it’s a thousand hits,” he observed, adding, “As a man who enjoys football, it even scares me to even have conversations like this, because you start thinking, ‘Will football be around in 25 years?'”

He acknowledged it’s important to address and recognize the effects of “head trauma and dementia,” but suggested that the current focus on concussions ignores other issues that can affect a former player’s health.”Whether it’s obesity and alcoholism — all these things go down and play a part when you do retire.”

Hear what else he had to say about the concerns of retired football players, in the clip below.


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