After the shooting death of Takeoff in November 2022, Quavo, 32, launched the Rocket Foundation, a program that provides support and financial aid to organizations committed in the fight to end gun violence.

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Former U.S. Rep. Louis B. Stokes, Ohio’s first Black congressman and a founding member of the Congressional Black Caucus, died at the age of 90, his family announced Wednesday. Stokes passed away peacefully at his home Tuesday, the Associated Press reports. His wife, Jay Stokes, was at his side. Just a month earlier, Stokes announced his […]


In what some would view as a major shot in the arm for voter suppression, the U.S. Supreme Court refused on Monday to hear a major challenge to Wisconsin’s strict—some say discriminatory—voter ID laws, reports USA Today. The decision is seen as a resounding victory to Republicans who favor tougher election laws, including Wisconsin governor Scott […]

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Attorney General Eric Holder believes that with after the tragic Navy Yard shooting, as well as other tragedies in recent times that there needs to be new common sense approaches to curbing gun violence.”My colleagues and I remain committed to combating all forms of gun violence” said Holder, “and working with Congress to fulfill what […]