Philonise George was appearing before the House Judiciary Committee less than 12 hours after his brother, George, was buried following a moving funeral in Houston.

Lynne Patton babbled with her sunglasses on Fox News.

The reigning queen of anti-Blackness got shamed with her own words.

Candace Owens, the woman who said Hitler just wanted to "make Germany great," was scheduled to testify at a congressional hearing on hate crimes and white nationalism.

You know it's bad when the king of buffoonery is advising you to not go that deep in the sunken place.


White men generally follow a pretty strict blueprint to deflect accusations of racism, as Republican Rep. Mark Meadows demonstrated during Michael Cohen's congressional testimony this week.

Eric Trump's former party planner appeared on Fox News.

Eric Trump's former party planner showed up at Michael Cohen's testimony.

Aside from Michael Cohen providing damning allegations that directly contradict Trump, the recently disbarred lawyer documented how the president really feels about Black people.