LOS ANGELES — The jury hearing the involuntary manslaughter case against Michael Jackson’s personal physician is expected Tuesday to listen to the conclusion of the doctor’s police interview that occurred two days after the singer’s death. Prosecutors began playing the more-than two hour recording Friday afternoon, but it was interrupted by the end of the […]

LOS ANGELES — Prosecutors played a recording Wednesday in which Michael Jackson is heard discussing his plans to build a hospital for children in a rambling, slurred conversation with the doctor charged in his death roughly six weeks before the entertainer died. The recording was significantly longer than the clip played for jurors in opening […]

Dr. Conrad Murray was talking on the phone and texting in the hours and minutes leading up to Michael Jackson’s cardiac arrest, according to phone records presented Monday at the doctor’s manslaughter trial. Top 10 Conrad Murray Facts You Didn’t Know The records presented by prosecutors indicate that two cellphones registered to Murray were in […]

LOS ANGELES — An emergency room physician told jurors Monday that Michael Jackson’s doctor never mentioned that he had given the singer the powerful anesthetic propofol, but acknowledged the disclosure probably wouldn’t have saved the King of Pop. The Top 10 Conrad Murray Facts You Didn’t Know Dr. Richelle Cooper recounted her conversations with Dr. […]

LOS ANGELES — The first bodyguard to reach Michael Jackson’s bedroom after the singer’s doctor called for help testified Thursday that he was told by the physician to gather medicine vials before calling 911. Alberto Alvarez said Dr. Conrad Murray grabbed the vials from a nightstand next to Jackson, who was still in his bed. […]

LOS ANGELES  — An attorney for the promoter of Michael Jackson’s final concerts said Wednesday the singer’s personal physician asked the company for life-saving equipment just days before the pop superstar’s death. Kathy Jorrie, who works for concert giant AEG Live, testified at the involuntary manslaughter trial of Dr. Conrad Murray that she questioned some […]

Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris cried on the floor outside of her father’s bedroom as Conrad Murray performed CPR to save the pop star’s life, Jackson’s bodyguard Faheem Muhammad testified Wednesday in court. Muhammad also said Murray was sweating and very nervous as he worked to resuscitate Jackson while another bodyguard dialed 911. Jackson’s personal assistant Michael […]

Check out the live stream of day 2 of the Conrad Murray Trial. Two days before he died, Michael Jackson appeared strong during one of the final rehearsals for his highly anticipated comeback concerts, a promoter told jurors Wednesday as the involuntary manslaughter trial of the pop superstar’s physician entered its second day. Paul Gongaware, […]

After the first day came to a close in the Michael Jackson manslaughter trial against his former doctor, Conrad Murray, definitive arguments have been determined between the prosecution and the defense. Prosecutors say that Murray is responsible for the death of the pop legend, citing numerous forms of negligence by the doctor, while the defense […]

LOS ANGELES  — Opening statements have begun in the trial of the doctor accused of killing Michael Jackson with an overdose of the powerful anesthetic propofol. Deputy District Attorney David Walgren began laying out the involuntary manslaughter case against Dr. Conrad Murray on Tuesday. Testimony was expected to begin later in the day. A number […]

LOS ANGELES — A lawyer for the doctor charged in Michael Jackson’s death says the singer caused his own death. Defense attorney Ed Chernoff told jurors Tuesday hearing the involuntary manslaughter case against Dr. Conrad Murray that Jackson swallowed several lorazepam pills on the morning of his death and that was enough to put people […]

LOS ANGELES — Jurors at the trial of the doctor accused of killing Michael Jackson on Tuesday heard the pop star’s slurred words while he was on a powerful anesthetic, caught on tape weeks before his death. They also saw a photo of his pale body lying on a gurney after he died from an […]