Good News

The New York City-based criminal justice reform nonprofit Avenues for Justice has received a grant from the NBA Foundation.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

Tracy McCarter’s fate now lies in the hands of state Supreme Court Judge Diane Kiesel.

Louisiana state officials refuse to release Sneed despite two separate court decisions ordering his release. 


Reasonable fear of blackness is accepted, but Black people’s genuine fear of severe bodily injury or death is often disregarded. 

A criminal justice advocate, motivational speaker, and criminal justice advocate, Salaam's experience could set him apart from potential competitors.

Oakland County Circuit Judge Mary Ellen Brennan makes the final decision.


The COVID-19 pandemic provides an opportunity that may not present itself again in the near term: to reimagine policing without arrests being seen as the main tool against crime.

Good News

Tyler Perry extended a job offer to a former inmate who was unjustly impacted by drug laws.

Good News

John Legend is on a mission to help ex-inmates step into entrepreneurship.

Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren were a no-show at crucial town hall in Philadelphia.


Man is revealed to be innocent after spending two months in a jail known for its horrible conditions.