After June, fans will no longer see Shannon Sharpe on Fox Sports' popular talk show "Undisputed." Something good is likely on the horizon for "Unc."

Damar Hamlin officially announced that he plans on returning to the NFL next season.

Barely one month after Damar Hamlin had a mid-game, on-field cardiac arrest, an NFL doctor gave a "guarantee" he'll play pro football again.


Damar Hamlin's injury spotlights another aspect of sports.


Bethune Cookman University's new head football coach likened the NFL to "fields" on slave plantations when asked about Damar Hamlin's life-threatening injury.

Doctors are encouraged by the Buffalo Bills player's progress.

Damar Hamlin is indeed still on his rookie deal. Since his contract is not guaranteed, he could be out of another paycheck from the NFL.

Damar Hamlin is showing "signs of improvement," but is expected to stay in the ICU as doctors continue to monitor him.

Bills safety Damar Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest on the field Monday. Here's why that's different from a heart attack and heart failure.


Sports commentator Skip Bayless thought Damar Hamlin's injury was a good time to tweet about how canceling a game might affect the NFL season.

Pundits have criticized the NFL’s handling of the decisions made after Hamlin’s collapse.


Doctors on Twitter diagnosed Damar Hamlin with commotio cordis after the NFL player was injured playing against the Cincinnati Bengals. Here's what that means.