"He took a life." Jordan Neely's family and supporters had some choice words and reactions to Daniel Penny pleading not guilty to the subway chokehold killing.

The online fundraisers for alleged self defense subway killers Jordan Williams, who is Black, and Daniel Penny, who is white, have yielded uneven results along racial lines. Coincidence?

After Jordan Williams was arrested for a "self defense" death in the NYC subway, will Daniel Penny's donors help a Black suspect accused of the same crime? Penny raised millions.

Jordan Williams' arrest stands in contrast with Daniel Penny's treatment.


Subway vigilante Daniel Penny was officially charged with second-degree manslaughter.

Daniel Penny tried again to convince people he's not racist.

A look to the past might predict the outcome of a grand jury hearing evidence against Daniel Penny.

Black Twitter didn’t hold back in response to Daniel Penny claiming he's not racist.

Online donations for Jordan Neely have lagged while those for his killer, Daniel Penny, have generated millions of dollars. This is America.

People giving to an online fundraiser said they're grateful he killed Jordan Neely.

The subway vigilante who employed a deadly chokehold on an unarmed Black man is expected to be arrested and charged with second-degree manslaughter.

Jordan Neely's chokehold killer is expected to be charged with manslaughter, but what about the other two other men shown on video aiding and abetting him on the subway. Who are they, and will they also be held accountable?