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We all know former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is anti-Black, anti-human and anti-intellectual. He attacked Rep. Maxine Waters, reportedly plagiarized his master’s thesis, harassed people who accused him of inappropriate police behavior and he is a die-hard Trump fan. Now, Clarke is even angrier after news outlets have done their job by researching a possible civil rights violation.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported  “on an FBI search warrant request to look into Clarke’s emails as part of a past investigation. The March 7 affidavit in support of a search warrant request was only made public last week.  The FBI was looking into possible civil rights violations related to a January encounter on an airplane between then-sheriff Clarke — who resigned in August — and Dan Black, a fellow passenger. Federal prosecutors announced in May that they would not file criminal charges in the case.” For some reason, Clarke interpreted this as a “FAKE NEWS STORY that I am under investigation by the FBI. It’s a LIE.” Clearly, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel  made it clear he was not under investigation. Still, Clark wants the media to “taste their own blood.” See the violent tweet below:

Clarke’s violent Tweet was reported and the former sheriff responded with this:

What an angry man. Can you imagine how he treated people we he had a badge and a firearm?

SOURCE:  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


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