Over 200 bodies were found in unmarked graves behind a local prison near Jackson, Mississippi. Now, community members want answers.

Mississippi's capital city is finally addressing how it buries people without notifying their family.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

Livestream Dexter Wade's funeral, the Black man secretly killed and buried by officials in Hinds County, Mississippi. Here's how to watch online.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

Funeral plans have been announced for Dexter Wade, a Black man killed by Mississippi police and secretly buried without notifying his family.

Dexter Wade's preliminary autopsy shows evidence that his body was severely mishandled before being secretly buried, a pathologist found.

A Mississippi county letter confirms Dexter Wade's family was lied to about when the 37-year-old Black man's body would be exhumed after a police officer killed him and he was secretly buried.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

The body of Dexter Wade, a Black man killed by Mississippi police and buried without his family being notified, was secretly dug up by county officials more than eight months after he was first reported missing.

Donors have been slow after a Black man was killed and buried by cops without notifying family.

Ben Crump has announced that his team will help arrange the funeral for Dexter Wade, a black man killed and buried by police.

The death went unreported before he was buried.