Unfortunately, 50 Cent's "lesson" was terribly misguided.

Claude Ruffin, 62, says officers came into his room at a Long Island City shelter on New Year's Eve, grabbed him and walked him outside. When the veteran pulled his arm away from one of the cops, a struggle ensued. It wasn't until Ruffin felt one of the cop's guns that he realized he was dealing with law enforcement.

United Airlines released a detailed apology to the man with cerebral palsy who crawled off one of their airplanes after delayed assistance from employees.

DArcee Neal was waiting for an aisle-sized chair from an airline worker after arriving at Reagan National Airport Tuesday evening. When no one showed up to help him into his wheelchair, he was forced to crawl off the plane.

A California high school student is facing battery charges after he was recorded fighting his partially blind classmate, NBC News reports. The fight occurred Wednesday at Huntington Beach High School when the partially blind student walked past the other student. The two have had issues in the past, NBC reports, which allegedly led up to their altercation. After […]

A standoff between a wheelchair-bound man and Delaware police officers ended tragically when the disabled man was shot to death in a blast of gunfire on Wednesday afternoon, CNN reports. The disabled man, identified as Jeremy McDole, was reportedly suicidal when police were called to the 1800 block of Tulip Street in Wilmington. McDole was suffering from an […]

UPDATE: 8/24/2015, 3:04 P.M. EST In NewsOne Now’s latest edition of exposing “cops gone wild,” San Francisco police officers were captured on tape pinning a one-legged homeless man to the ground after he allegedly waved his crutches in the air. Chaedria LaBouvier, the ELLE Magazine writer who captured the disturbing incident on video, joined Roland Martin […]