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Tiffany Capri Hainesworth made history as the first Black woman to solely own a tequila brand.


Janice Carter details her experience of being without a license due to reasons beyond her control - she is unable to pay the DMV fees, therefore her license was indefinitely suspended without her receiving a hearing with the DMV.

Eleanore Stern, 31, was arrested last Friday after refusing to leave a Deerfield Beach DMV. Employees alerted the officer of Stern's alleged aggressive behavior, and requested the trooper remove her from the building.

Twins were disappointed to hear they wouldn't be able to obtain their learner's permits because the DMV thought they were one person.

WASHINGTON D.C.-A massive brawl broke out at the DMV Music awards at a hotel outside of Washington D.C. RELATED: Top 9 music videos of the 1990’s The Washington Post reports: Authorities and witnesses said about 1,500 people were at the DMV music awards ceremony at the Crystal City Hyatt hotel when several fights erupted. Five […]