A Black woman who died in the Dominican Republic is the latest cosmetic surgery death amid fatal results from Brazilian Butt Lifts.

The Dominican Republic has started construction on a border wall with the neighboring country of Haiti.


Counterfeit or illegally made alcohol brings a new level of risk, as it is not monitored for safety and may include added ingredients, such as methanol, known to be extremely harmful to health.

Tracy Jester Jr. was only 31 years old and died in the Dominican Republic.


Khalid Adkins is at least the eight Black American to die in the Dominican Republic in the past year. 14 total American tourists have died there in that same time period.

African American tourism in the Dominican Republic was already falling before the deaths and sicknesses were announced, but the rising death toll could help those numbers plunge even further.


The latest death of an American tourist in the Dominican Republic was reported the same day officials there insisted there was nothing to panic over.

Loved ones of Joseph Allen, the latest American tourist to be found dead in the Dominican Republic, were demanding answers for what could be a “wrongful death.”

A recent string of deaths and violence against Americans visiting the Dominican Republic could have some people rethinking their plans to travel to the popular vacation destination.

Joseph Allen was 55 years old and from Avenel, New Jersey.

As investigators work to determine how so many American tourists have died in recent months in the Dominican Republic, social media sleuths said it must be the work of a serial killer.

The former baseball player was shot in the back.