Steven A. Smith declared that Donald Trump isn't racist, but he says he still wouldn't vote for him and doesn't talk to him anymore.

The president is ramping up his racist rhetoric to rally his hateful base of supporters as polling shows he's fighting an uphill battle that seemingly keeps steepening with less than a week before the election.


If Donald Trump keeps using racist strategies like his attacks on the Squad, Elijah Cummings and Baltimore, it could cost him in 2020.

Charles Barkley air-balled a layup of a question ahead of the second Democratic debate in Detroit when he was asked point-blank if he thought Donald Trump was a racist.

Lynne Patton babbled with her sunglasses on Fox News.

Another opportunist in Trump's administration.

You know it's bad when the king of buffoonery is advising you to not go that deep in the sunken place.

Lynne Patton and her sunglasses continues to be an embarrassment.

Eric Trump's former party planner appeared on Fox News.

Eric Trump's former party planner showed up at Michael Cohen's testimony.

Aside from Michael Cohen providing damning allegations that directly contradict Trump, the recently disbarred lawyer documented how the president really feels about Black people.

Rep. Mia Love, a Utah Republican, admitted that President Donald Trump’s shithole comment was racist.