KINGSTON, Jamaica — Jamaica’s governing party announced Sunday that Prime Minister Bruce Golding will step down as leader in the coming weeks, possibly averting a rebellion from ruling party members that could have led to his ouster. Jamaica Stuggles To Cut Ties Between Gangsters And Politicians Why Is The Jamaican Prime Minister Protecting A Reputed […]

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Amnesty International on Monday urged Jamaica’s government to seriously investigate human rights abuses allegedly committed during last year’s bloody operation to catch a reputed underworld boss. The London-based human rights group asserted that no one has been punished despite many claims of unlawful killings and arbitrary arrests by security forces. Neither the […]

KINGSTON, Jamaica (AP) — A U.S. diplomatic cable leaked Wednesday says the mayor of Jamaica’s biggest city acknowledged forging an alliance of convenience with an alleged drug baron to reduce crime in a sprawling patchwork of gritty slums. The September 2009 cable says that Kingston Mayor Desmond McKenzie told a U.S. Embassy officer that his […]

Who is to blame for the violence in Jamaica? Is it the police? Is it the infamous drug lord Dudus (also known as Christopher Coke)? Is it Prime Minister Bruce Golding for harboring Dudus for so long? Is it the Jamaican Labour Party for supporting Dudus? Is it the opposition People’s National Party for supporting […]