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Everyone who has a common interest in Mother Earth is aware of Earth Day and more than likely hip to the strained relationship between politics and climate control. On the global holiday this year, President Barack Obama spoke about the importance of acknowledging climate change during his speech in the Florida Everglades Wednesday. In a special video, […]

NewsOne Now

April 22 marks Earth Day, the annual event held worldwide to demonstrate support for environmental protection. It’s an important day to acknowledge but so often black Americans are missing from conversations around environmental health and sustainability. Tuesday, Earth Day 2014, “NewsOne Now” with Roland Martin convened a special panel of experts and activists to discuss the […]

Many will celebrate Earth Day by making a special effort to be a little kinder to our home planet. It’s chic to tell everyone how, on this day, you “rode a bike instead of driving” or “picked up some trash on the beach” or even, finally, made the commitment to forgo “paper” and “plastic” in […]

From Slate.com: It’s true, you’re not going to save the planet by choosing pleather jackets over leather ones, beer over wine, or MP3s over CDs. But each time we stage one of these cage matches, we’re forced to consider just how complicated the idea of “eco-friendliness” can be.