Eddie Kayne

It’s WTH?! Thursday on NewsOne Now, and we’re taking a look at all of the crazy stories trending in the news. Salon owner and TV personality Maja Sly, radio show host Eddie Kayne, and Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Carolyn Malachi joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to deliver this week’s WTH?! play-by-play commentary. This week’s list of pure insanity begins with […]

It’s WTH?! Thursday on NewsOne Now and we’re taking a look at all of the wild and crazy stories trending in this week’s news. Talk show host Eddie Kayne, entertainment reporter Deja Perez and actor Antonio Lambertis joined Roland Martin in the NewsOne Now studio to handle this week’s WTH? play-by-play commentary. First up … who do you think will […]

It’s WTH?! Thursday on “NewsOne Now.” Roland Martin, entertainment blogger Natasha Eubanks and talk show host Eddie Kayne break down all of this week’s insanity in the news. This week’s list of madness begins with a son taking his dead mother via cab to the bank to make a withdrawal of $850 several hours before reporting her deceased. Atlanta college student, Brittany Swift, […]

Podcast: Download An Ohio grand jury has decided not to indict the police officers who killed John Crawford after an inflammatory 911 call claimed Crawford was loading and waiving a gun in a Walmart store. On Thursday, Roland Martin, If-e Ike, Paul Butler, Glenn Ivey, James Hayes and Kim Keenan discussed the case, Ohio  Attorney General Mike DeWine not aggressively prosecuting the case and […]

Voiceover actress Kittie Kaboom and talk show host Eddie Kayne, joined Roland Martin on “NewsOne Now” for WTH?! Thursday. This week’s insane list of stories includes a woman who allegedly had a third breast surgically implanted on to her chest and KTVA Alaska reporter, Charlo Greene dropping an F-Bomb on live television.  Greene then quit her job, saying she […]