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It’s WTH?! Thursday on “NewsOne Now.” Roland Martin, entertainment blogger Natasha Eubanks and talk show host Eddie Kayne break down all of this week’s insanity in the news.

This week’s list of madness begins with a son taking his dead mother via cab to the bank to make a withdrawal of $850 several hours before reporting her deceased.

  • Atlanta college student, Brittany Swift, fell out of a moving car while twerking. The twerking teen was attempting to perform the dance moved called “the whip” with the passenger side door open and fell out of the whip when her sister hit the breaks. Guess Brittany Swift is not so swift after all.
  • Yes, there is an app for that. The invisible boyfriend app allows ladies to create a virtual boyfriend for $25 a month. The service will send personalized text messages to subscribers.
  • Finally, a woman marries herself during an elaborate wedding ceremony featuring ten bridesmaids and three ministers.

Yes y’all, it’s WTH?! Thursday on “NewsOne Now” with Roland Martin. Check out all of the insanity in the audio clip below and enjoy the “swift” open door, moving car twerk fail GIF above.

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