The recent education reforms to No Child Left Behind proposed by the Obama Administration sadly perpetuate a flawed testing policy that will continue to leave our children behind.

In a country where minority students are already disproportionately shut out of higher education, is saving a few government dollars really worth endangering opportunities for a generally disadvantaged population? Florida seems to think it is.

From Legislation hailed by supporters as the most significant change to college student lending in a generation passed the House on Sunday night.

From The Texas Board of Education has made a series of history revising moves to its curriculum, altering how the Civil Rights Movement is taught among a host of other things.

From An admissions director hired to recruit the best and brightest to a Bronx private school claims toxic campus housing left his son with brain damage.

From CNN: Detroit, Michigan — Forty-four Detroit schools and one administrative building will close in June under a $1 billion plan unveiled Wednesday by the city school district’s emergency financial manager.

ATLANTA — President Barack Obama is promising parents and their kids that with his administration’s help they will have better teachers in improved schools so U.S. students can make up for academic ground lost against youngsters in other countries.

Here’s a Music Video I Did With Some of My Former Students in the South Bronx About the Drop Out Crisis The Movement: Droppin Out Recently, President Barack Obama pledged his efforts as well as $900 million to stop the national high school drop out crisis. The efforts of one leader and money are not […]