“President Barack Obama has referenced a new form of racism — assuming that poor and minority children cannot keep pace with the rest of their peers.” says maddox2u2

From Thomas L. Friedman at The New York Times: Here’s hoping that our new administration will be guided in shaping the stimulus by reading John Maynard Keynes in one hand and by reading “Rising Above the Gathering Storm: Energizing and Employing America for a Brighter Economic Future” with the other.

Barack Obama probably cannot fix every leaky roof and busted boiler in the nation’s schools. But educators say his sweeping school modernization program — if he spends enough — could jump-start student achievement.

The group <a title="BP Group - Serious Black Issues" href="">Serious Black Issues</a> deals with the pressing concerns of poverty, teenage pregnancies, gun violence that affects our communities.  Check it out!

CNN’s recent “Black in America” captivated a nation still grappling with how race is lived in America. The series featured many of the most prominent “talking heads”—scholars, journalists, college presidents and preachers—in the Black community. If there was one of these figures that stood out, it was Harvard economist Roland Fryer.