Election Day 2013

Last year, after Hurricane Sandy, we saw a brief “bromance” of convenience between Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, and President Barack Obama. But is Black America ready to pick up where the president left off? As reported, Christie cruised to re-election Tuesday night amid talk of a 2016 presidential run. On  ”NewsOne Now,” with Roland Martin, Democratic pollster […]

Detroit – The polls have opened in Detroit and it’s game on as mayoral candidate’s Mike Duggan and Benny Napoleon battle it out in one of the most hotly contested mayoral races in the nation. The history-making election follows a string of political fails in Detroit, including; the conviction of former mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, the […]

Thinking of sitting out Election Day 2013 because there are no presidential candidates on the ballot? Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed knows at least one reason why you shouldn’t, even if all you care about is who lives in the White House. The results of local races is “where our bench comes from, it’s where the future leaders of […]

Today marks Election Day 2013, and although the general election isn’t for another three years, voters are turning out to make changes in the local government. How important are state and local elections to you? Do you think there will be a strong turnout in your city? Be sure to tune in to “NewsOne Now” […]