The FDA's plans cite cancer fears, particularly in Black women.

The federal government's movement to ban menthol cigarettes is gaining momentum with a new proposed rule to deter their consumption along with other flavored tobacco products that statistics show are preferred by Black smokers.

"You are not a horse. You are not a cow," tweeted the federal agency.

The first Alzheimer's drug approved in nearly 20 years could be a game-changer for Black patients, who are more likely to have an Alzheimer's diagnosis than their white counterparts.

Cleary the hope is that if the information comes from Black people who work in the medical field and public health, the information will be more readily received.


They say his administration could've prevented a health disaster.

The FDA approved the first nonopioid treatment to ease withdrawal symptoms while quitting opioids.

Is this the newest gateway drug? Senator Chuck Schumer wants the FDA to regulate this trending product.

LGBTQ rights activists are angered that after the Orlando shooting – where 49 people were murdered and over 50 were injured – bisexual and gay men are being turned away from donor lines at a crucial time of need.

Ghana's FDA spokesperson, James Lartey, confirmed the products will no longer be imported to the country in a statement.

Kraft has recalled 36,000 cases of its popular Singles American and White American cheese after several people reported choking on the product, NBC News reports. “A piece of the thin plastic wrapper surrounding the Singles has the chance of sticking to the cheese, which could cause someone to choke, according to a statement from the Kraft Heinz company,” […]

  I don’t remember the first time I donated blood in great detail because the process was much ado about nothing. I sat down to see a nurse, a needle, a band-aid. A thank you for my donation followed and I went about my day. It would take a very long time before it dawned […]