The recent deadly fires in the Bronx and Philadelphia have placed a spotlight on racial and economic disparities in urban housing and mounting fire-prone risks caused by them.


A child playing with a lighter near a Christmas tree may have caused this week's deadly fire at a rowhouse in Philadelphia that killed 12 people, including eight children, according to a search warrant for the property.


A predominately black church in South Carolina was the victim of suspected arson days before Christmas.

A massive fire left at least 12 people dead, including four children, in an apartment building in The Bronx, New York on Thursday.

The Greenville Police Department is investigating the incident as a hate crime, while the FBI announced plans to launch a civil rights probe. A Missouri Jimmy John’s delivery driver has been fired and arrested on charges of falsely accusing a Black man of robbery. According to ABC 17, Courtney Chancellor, a delivery driver for the sandwich franchise, reported a robbery, alleging that a 6-foot-tall Black man in his late 20s with some facial hair, and brandishing a gun, robbed her at the […]

Walker told WGRZ that he would not be "intimidated," and remain vigilant as an active member of his community on Monday after receiving the hateful note, but it's unclear if and when he will return to duty.


The body of Kalenah Muldrow was found under a bed, where she apparently tried to hide from the flames, reportedly caused by a portable heater.


Cloe Woods, a five-year-old from Kenner, La., is being hailed a hero after she led her blind grandmother to safety when the stove in her home caught fire early Wednesday morning.

Smith, who was previously homeless, was staying with his friend and her two granddaughters, ages 8 and 10. He was awakened from his sleep when he heard a loud noise in the middle of the night. He told reporters he believed someone was breaking in, but then he saw smoke.


And just like that, Sweet Brown 2.0 was born.


Hanahan Police Department are investigating whether an arsonist set fire to the home of Michael Slager, the cop who killed Walter Scott.