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In an apparent dismissal of the history of slavery in the United States and countless crimes enacted on Blacks by Whites in its reverberating aftermath, Fox News host Andrea Tantaros (pictured) said Monday that President Barack Obama has contributed to making race relations worse than any time in U.S. history, Raw Story reports.

But she expressed high praise for the president’s decision to go to college and marry Michelle Obama, the mother of their children, Sasha, 13, and Malia, 16, the report says:

On the Martin Luther King Jr. Day edition of Out Numbered, Tantaros noted that Obama’s election was a “huge moment for the African-American community, and to his credit, whether you agree with what President Obama believes or not, you have to admit, he has done a lot of good.”

But the accolades end there, the report says:

“He gives a very aspirational goal for a lot of young black men,” she remarked. “I think he’s a terrific role model, at least as a father and a good husband. I know people don’t want to hear that.”

“What I will not give him credit for is he said that he was going to heal this country, and I think a lot of people expected something different,” the Fox News host continued. “I didn’t because I read all his books and knew where he was going to go, and divide the country, and that’s how he’s advanced his career.”

In an interview last month with NPR’s Steve Inskeep, the president responded to such criticisms with finesse, according to Slate:

“It’s understandable the polls might say, you know, that race relations have gotten worse—because when it’s in the news and you see something like Ferguson or the Garner case in New York, then it attracts attention.”

And if many white Americans have a shocked response to claims of unfairness and discrimination, it’s because it’s outside their purview. “If you’d asked whites in those jurisdictions,” he said, referring to racial profiling in Illinois, ‘Do you think traffic stops were done fairly?’ the majority of whites probably would say ‘yes’ because it’s not something they experience. It’s not because of racism; it’s just that it’s not something that they see.”

Watch Tantaros below: