Trump has a long and detailed history of disrespecting American servicemen, especially those who have died for their country. Case in point: Army Sgt. La David Johnson.

Maxine Waters refused to be disrespected at a congressional hearing by a Trump cabinet official.

The ousted White House Chief of Staff never apologized for slandering Wilson's name.

Several Black democrats, including Reps. John Lewis and Maxine Waters, will not attend Trump's upcoming State Of the Union after his racist "shithole" comments.

A sheriff disciplined his deputy who dressed in blackface costume of Rep. Frederica Wilson, only after the NAACP informed the media.

Rep. Frederica Wilson and Rev. Al Sharpton sat with Myeshia Johnson for a Veterans Day prayer service, while the president ignored revelations about the death of Johnson's husband.

Rep. Maxine Water is among those spearheading the call to fire L.A. radio host Bill Handel who called Rep. Frederica Wilson a “whore.”  

A girl received more than 9,000 likes on Twitter for her adorable Halloween costume in support of Congresswoman Frederica Wilson.


President Donald Trump has earned the ire of another African-American group, Alpha Kappa Alpha after his attacks on Rep. Frederica Wilson, one of the sorority's most prominent members.

Rep. Frederica Wilson receives ongoing death threats over her criticism of Trump’s condolence phone call with Myeshia Johnson.

By relying on tired stereotypes about Black women, Trump hopes to wag the dog, or distract attention away from his failing administration.

Myeshia Johnson broke her silence, confirming President Trump’s heartless condolence phone call.