Being a private entity doesn't mean that a corporate space can do anything it pleases, particularly as shown by large social media sites that have a direct impact on elections and Democracy itself.

Without DirecTV as a distribution platform, OAN will lose an overwhelming majority of its revenue.  

Sen. Ben Ray Lujan pointed out that platforms spend more resources rooting out misinformation in English but often overlook the same false information in Spanish. He also called out the ways in which trust, a foundational principle of democracy, has been under attack.  

After news broke of telecommunications giant AT&T’s alleged role in creating and sustaining the right-wing disinformation network One America News (OAN), calls for accountability has been swift. Released earlier this week, a special report from Reuters documented the allegations that AT&T not only encouraged the creation of another conservative news network but is its primary source of revenue.  

The thread struck a chord with many Black journalists co-signing its contents. But what's even more astonishing is the response to Overbey saying much of what Black journalists have been saying for years.

In the middle of uprisings and protests across the country, the media peeled back the layers of the lack of honesty in initial reports and statements.