Clearly Casanova's charges are no laughing matter but if Black Twitter don't do nothing else, they are definitely going to find the humor. 


Florida toddler Aiden Michael McClendon died following injuries he sustained in a drive-by shooting on Friday night. The 22-month-old was seated in a car that was struck by multiple rounds of gunfire around 6:10 p.m. in Jacksonville that night.

Seven inmates were given a combined total punishment of 7,150 days, or 19.75 years, of solitary confinement at the South Carolina Department of Corrections (SCDC).


The FBI has arrested six Philadelphia Police narcotics officers as part of a corruption probe into the department. The group is accused of stealing over $500,000 in cash, drugs, and stolen property over multiple years on the force, reports NBC Philadelphia. Read more. Is the Gaza Conflict Making Black Folks Uncomfortable? Tragically, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is […]

NewsOne Now

On Tuesday’s “NewsOne Now, ” Former NFL player and scout Bucky Brooks joined Roland Martin to discuss the controversy surrounding former Eagles player DeSean Jackson. Jackson was released from his contract with the Eagles late last week on the heels of reports that he has “gang affiliations.” reported: ..Sources close to Jackson and within the Eagles’ organization say, it […]