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A restaurant that hasn’t even opened yet called Meat, which will be in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, is being accused of demanding a mural of rapper Sean Price be painted over. Many are saying this is another example of vicious gentrification happening all over the country. However, the restaurant hasn’t is denying the report.

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A user named @NuffSaidNY wrote on Twitter, “The owner of a newly opened Brooklyn restaurant called MEAT, across the street from the Sean Price mural on Kingston Ave is trying to have the wall painted over; claims the mural is disturbing attention to his business. Spread the word. We need to keep ’s legacy alive.”

However, another user took it upon themselves to reach out to the restaurant, which doesn’t open until next month, and Meat is denying everything, writing in a direct message, “The building you are referring to has nothing to do with us. We do not own the building and do not paint over other people’s buildings. We are extremely disturbed by the evil rumors that are nothing but slander.”

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The restaurant has not made a post on their Instagram page.

It’s not clear where this report started but Sean Price’s widow Bernadette Price wrote on Facebook back on July 10, “So apparently a owner across Kingston ave wants to paint over Sean’s Mural . The Artist who painted it caught the other painter painting over the other painting that’s next to sean’s . He stated the he was told to paint over it claiming that it’s a disturbing the attention next to his restaurant which is ACROSS the street. This can’t happen.”

But the restaurant was never mentioned. However, Bernadette Pride did write on Facebook that the building is being sold and the mural will remain until the anniversary of his death. It’s not clear what will happen to the mural after that date.

Sean Price was a part of the hip hop collective Boot Camp. On August 8, 2015, he died at the age of 43. Watch the music video of Sean Price below:


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