During the chaotic period between election day and Jan. 5, 2021, Senate runoff Nguyen emerged as one of the clearest voices of reason coming out of the State legislature. 


Team Abrams emphasized how Georgia's current governor is unfit to keep citizens safe.


Black women are still facing unrelenting attacks on their fundamental rights and freedoms in America.

If only people crying about censorship and freedom of speech for multimillionaire podcasters showed concerns for government targeting people like Johnson. 

A Republican civil war is brewing in the Georgia race for governor. News spread Sunday that former Sen. David Perdue could be jumping in the race for Georgia governor. Perdue is expected to announce on Monday. 

Despite claiming to disavow racism, Doles was identified as the leader of the America Patriots USA, a white nationalist group based in Dahlonega, Ga. The Southern Poverty Law Center has recognized the group as one of approximately two dozen hate groups operating within the state.  

Gwinnett County is one of the top ten most diversifying counties in the country. It also recently flipped Democrat within the past few election cycles. According to the SPLC Action Fund, the proposed map does not reflect the county's diverse makeup.

There is no such thing as an AIDS vaccine. There’s not even a mandate for PrEP, the prescription drug that has been a game-changer in preventing the spread of HIV.   Setting aside his referencing of a nonexistent vaccine and mandate, Kemp leads a state that already mandates vaccines.

Georgia elected Republican state Rep. Brad Raffensperger as its new secretary of state.

A Georgia county commissioner refuses to resign for calling John Lewis a 'racist pig.' Democrats are calling for his ouster.