Georgia Republicans

Rep. Tommy Benton, a Republican Georgia lawmaker who has defended the KKK and the institution of slavery, has announced that he will not be seeking re-election into the state legislature next year.

Board members have decided to ignore history by passing a resolution that falsely affirms slavery and racism were exceptions and inconsistent with American values.

The suspect in the deadly shooting spree at Asian massage parlors near Atlanta was able to buy the gun he used to kill eight people quicker than it takes for average Georgia residents to register to vote.

Georgia advocacy organizations want corporations to stop funding voter suppression. The organizations responded to a recent investigation of political donations to Republican legislators.

After undermining voter confidence in the state’s system of elections, Georgia Republicans have proposed a fresh round of measures to increase voter suppression and limit participation.

Fresh off of losing several high-profile elections, Georgia Republicans have now turned their sights on trying to make absentee ballots use more difficult to cast.