Fans of ABC’s Good Morning America suspected that reporter Janai Norman may have a little one on the way… and they were right!

Nearly five months after he was left partially paralyzed, Blake publicly recounted the events of Aug. 23, where he was shot seven times in the back by Kenosha police.

Barbara Fedida, who served as the business affairs chief for ABC News, was fired for a series of "unacceptable racially insensitive comments" she made to several Black women co-workers who are on-air talents.


She says things she wish she could've said when the footballer was alive.


On the day when Trayvon Martin should be 24, we are inundated with morning show clips of Liam Neeson, a man who would have been George Zimmerman but just couldn’t find a Trayvon Martin to kill.

The actor has been slammed for comments in a recent interview.

Reynolds remained vigilant that Castile did two things--followed proper protocol and informed the responding officer that he was in possession of a firearm. Reynolds repeatedly says he never brandished the weapon at any point during the traffic stop.

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No matter how hard he tries, Bill Cosby cannot escape the allegations against him. During an interview with ABC’s Good Morning America, Cosby was hoping to promote his partnership with the Black Belt Community Foundation, a campaign that works to improve education in Alabama. But, like everything Cosby does these days, his philanthropic work was overshadowed […]

The man who had been stalking Robin Roberts (pictured), the chatfest co-anchor of ABC’s “Good Morning America (GMA)” was deemed unfit to stand trial by a Manhattan judge and was reportedly not present in the court room when the decision was reached, according to the New York Post. RELATED:  First Lady Supports Robin Roberts Coming […]


Good Morning America host Robin Roberts (pictured) has reached a new deal with ABC, according to the New York Post. RELATED: Robin Roberts Celebrates “Her First Birthday” Per sources, the deal is worth between $13 and $14 million a year. However, another source closer to ABC says it is “less than $10 million.” “Over a […]


“Good Morning America” host Robin Roberts (pictured far left) may still be battling bone-marrow disorder, but that hasn’t stopped her from living life. RELATED: Robin Roberts Is Home From The Hospital! Roberts celebrated friend and fellow GMA anchor Sam Champion‘s wedding to his longtime partner Friday. The newlyweds took this picture in Champion’s Manhattan apartment, […]

NEW YORK – Chris Brown went on a rampage smashing a window and storming off with out his shirt after Robin Roberts asked him a question about Rihanna on Good Morning America this morning. RELATED: James Franco is sorry about the Oscars The R&B star exploded in a rage behind the scenes. The eruption was […]