Good News

Teen entrepreneur RuQuan Brown donates proceeds from his clothing line to an organization that is focused on combating gun violence.


African American children and teens are over eight times more likely to die from firearm homicide than their white counterparts. But why?

Good News

A group of Black doctors joined forces to open Chicago’s only Black-owned urgent care facility.

Maliyah Palmer's parents were at Christmas party at the time of the shooting.

Amnesty International found that gun violence across the United States has reached a human rights crisis level.

Good News

Naomi Wadler, 11, will be honored by the NAACP for her efforts to bring attention to the lack of concern for Black women and girls who have lost their lives to gun violence.

A group of African American Parkland, Florida school shooting survivors will rally with the Rev. Al Sharpton in June against gun violence in front of President Donald Trump’s New York apartment.

The shooter is allegedly a woman, which is rare.

March was the 13th consecutive month of progress.

Have a look at the youthful faces of the country's current and future freedom fighters as well as their colorful, clever signs at the March for Our Lives.