This Halloween, the Weeknd did his thing once again by completely transforming himself into Marlon Brando's classic character Don Vito Corleone in the iconic mob movie The Godfather. White people complained about him wearing whiteface.

A "Karen" Halloween costume has recently been making the rounds on Twitter and is receiving backlash by Black people accusing the manufacturers of profiting off of racism.

With racial tensions at a fever pitch in America, political Halloween costumes have been all the rage, especially ones for White privilege.

Halloween has become a day when many people make a mockery of racism and the terrifying injustices plaguing African Americans.

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Kohl’s has stopped advertising the “Ghetto Fab” wig after people began leaving negative comments about it on their facebook page. Here are some comments that were left. A “Ghetto Fab” wig for Halloween? Seriously, Kohl’s?!, I find the term “ghetto fabulous” TASTELESS! I am in no ways ‘ghetto’ and neither is my kinky hair Kohls […]