Harvard University police officers held four Black undergraduate students at gunpoint while responding to a 911 call falsely alleging someone was armed.

A court ruled Harvard can be sued for profiting from photos of a woman's enslaved ancestors.

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Actress Yara Shahidi has graduated from Harvard University.


Harvard University, the nation’s oldest and wealthiest college with an endowment of over $50 billion, will partner with HBCUs and implement other strategies to try to make amends for their involvement in slavery.

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Atlanta teenagers Jayla Jackson and Emani Stanton became the first Black girl duo to win Harvard University's debate competition.

Cornel West made his disdain for Harvard University crystal clear with no uncertain terms in a public letter of resignation that condemned the Ivy League school for being in the "shadow of Jim Crow."

Cornel West said Harvard University was "open to a tenure review" only after there was negative publicity surrounding its decision to refuse tenure to the famous Black professor of philosophy.

Noted and academic Cornel West has made good on his threat to leave Harvard University after he publicly called out the renowned Ivy League school for failing to give him tenure.

Noted academic and activist Cornel West has threatened to leave Harvard University in part because he said the renowned institution of higher learning will not give him tenure.

Noah Harris was recently appointed to become president of Harvard University’s Undergraduate Council, making him the first Black man to be elected by the school’s student body.


International and low-income students are concerned as colleges and universities implement plans in light of the coronavirus, which includes campus and dormitory closures.