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We didn’t really need any more proof that the idea of racism dying out with older generations of white racists is bogus AF. We already had white teens telling Black teens, “We should’ve hung all of you n***** when we had the chance.” We already had the seemingly endless series of racist promposals that virtually always involved white kids presenting signs that included references to cotton picking and slavery. We already had white high school students gleefully reenacting the murder of George Floyd and posting a video of it to Snapchat, which is starting to look like the preferred digital gathering space for KKKids and their racist AF antics.

But if all of that wasn’t enough, how about a white student throwing cotton balls at a Black student and then whipping said Black student with a belt?

The Associated Press reported that a 15-year-old freshman at Vandebilt Catholic High School in Houma, Louisiana, was arrested Tuesday on battery and hate crime charges following a March 9 incident in the school’s cafeteria during which the student appeared to be living out his “Make America Roots Again” fantasy by committing a racist and unprovoked attack on one of the few Black students at the school.

“The video shows the white student walking up behind a Black student sitting in the crowded lunchroom,” AP reported. “He throws a handful of cotton balls at him, and then whips him repeatedly with his belt until the Black student stands and pushes him, news outlets reported.”

After the teen advocate for white supremacy was arrested, Vandebilt Catholic President Jeremy Gueldner did the usual song and dance and declared in a statement that the school does not tolerate bullying or racism and that “actions by a few are not consistent with the values and mission of our school.” But if that’s the case, one can only wonder how the hell this kid thought what he did was OK and would not end in serious consequences. One doesn’t just confidently go full grand wizard like that unless they know they’re in an environment where that kind of behavior is either dismissed, tolerated, or fostered.

At any rate, the victim’s parents appear to be satisfied that the little Nazi cadet was appropriately handled and are ready to simply move on from the incident.

“We will continue to pray for our school community as a whole, that we not only get through this together but that we each learn a valuable lesson from what has taken place,” the parents said in the archdiocese statement.

Terrebonne Parish NAACP President Jerome Boykin praised the town’s sheriff’s office for sending “a strong message to the community that this type of crime will not be tolerated.”

Boykin also low-key threw a cape on for the young white racist saying he’s “only 15 years of age and I hope that he can learn from his mistake.”

Yeah, good luck with that.


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